Are we really free?

Disclaimer: This post will be a bit of a ramble, so bear with me.

One of the things I really dislike about the world is how humans have a tendency to cage things. Animal cruelty, as much as it may have reduced since back in the day, is still a massive problem we are facing. Sometimes it’s not even intentional cruelty but pollution/littering that causes some animals to be in agony.

I saw a video, not long ago, with a turtle in it. A man had that turtle on his lap while another person tries to pull a straw out of his nose. It was painful to watch and I cannot imagine how painful it was for the turtle going through that torture. It made me happy when it was finally out and it can be free to breathe as it did before the straw got stuck up there. There are various other videos I have watched and truth be told it makes me sangry (a word I just made up describing the intense feeling of sadness and anger).

I’m no psychology major or expert, in fact I barely know anything about psychology at all. However, I do know that people who go about torturing innocent beings (be it people or animals) may have gone through some sort of trauma in their lives for them to do such mental things. Unless you’re like Geoffrey from GOT then you’re just a very bad human being and you have no defence. Having said that, Geoffrey was probably mental because of incest? Who knows. Going back to the point I was trying to make, people who trap or abuse helpless animals may have been a victim of some sort of abuse too and it’s just a vicious cycle.

Now that I’ve set the thought process behind this post, let me dig a little deeper to explain the title of the post. Why do we trap animals and keep them in Zoos? They’re meant to be wild and free. Just like us when we were created, it’s like the saying goes, you can take an animal out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the animal.

I think that applies to all of us in some ways. I guess the most specific way it applies to humans is that we want freedom, freedom to do, say, wear and be how we want. We may have become more sophisticated over the centuries, but have we really? We’re more “superior” in some ways compared to other animals because of our minds and the ability humans have of sharing knowledge. Having said all that, we’ve build massive cities with tall sky scrappers and it’s like an urban jungle as stated in BBC’s documentary titled “Planet Earth”(it’s an excellent 6 part documentary, you must watch it). In the cities we have built, we’ve put ourselves into boxes (aka apartments,villas, houses, etc) so how does that make us free? That would explain the thought process behind Zoos. It’s like subconsciously people envy the fact that animals are truly free and humans being “superior”  have caged themselves and in turn they cage animals. Arguably, yes we do roam around freely but at the end of the day we go back to shelters we have built (aka our cages, which we pay good money for). It’s so interesting, the way people are.

Food for thought?

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List of things I wonder about (100happydays – Day 12)

Hi all, so I started this blog and I just wanted to talk about what inspired me. 

I’ve been wanting to have a medium to sort my thoughts for while so last year on the 31st of December I decided to create one. The title of my blog was inspired by my cats and my personality trait of being curious. I can safely say that I am curious about everything but I guess everything is an exaggeration because it’s impossible to be curious about everything, hence I am selectively curious.

The following is a list of things I was curious about today:

  • A friend of mine was having some trouble with a guy she is interested in. They’ve already established that they like each other but it doesn’t seem to be going in any direction. I’m curious about what he’s thinking, his behaviour is odd and I’m curious if it’s all just a game to him. Most of all, I’m curious about how it will work out.
  • I’m curious about why places of worship always seem to have the best architecture. In some ways it almost appears to be some sort of propaganda to lure people into a religion. Don’t get me wrong, I have an endless amount of love for good architecture and maybe it’s just coincidence that such places are always beautiful.
  • I strongly believe in “what goes around comes around” and it makes me curious, what if you didn’t go around so you don’t come around? In other words, what if you only do good but you get bad things come your way. Feels like the balance of the universe is flawed and that’s thought provoking
  • I was curious about why some people were a part of my life briefly. There are certain people I was close to and we are no longer on speaking terms. It’s weird when that happens. They say that everything is a learning experience but what if there was no lesson to be learnt, then what’s the point? Pondered on this for sometime, trying to figure out if it’s worth it to reach out to those people and ask how things were, or if it’s better to let thing lay as they are
  • I watched “say yes to the dress” and I was curious about what type of dress I would decide on and


  •  I read somewhere that you can be a millionaire in 27 days if you start with $0.01 and double that amount daily. I did the math and I was surprised by the accuracy of the outcome. šŸ™‚

(Featured photo: Google)

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I love weddings – (100happydays -day 4)

I drove home for the weekend (Abu Dhabi, from Dubai) and when I approached my compound I saw the house decorated and it immediately brought a smile to my face. I love the way houses light up when there is a wedding in the family. It’s such a happy moment, even though some may say it’s a waste of energy/electricity, well haters go on hate. šŸ™‚

Weddings really are such happy moments, even though I’m sure it is quite stressful. It’s fascinating how there are so many different traditions for weddings all over the world. In the arab world, much like the western world, the bride wears white, whereas in the eastern world the brides wear red. I didn’t much understand the distinction until I read that in the east eastern, red symbolises celebration, luck and auspiciousness and I can’t think of a better celebration than your wedding day.

The tradition of wearing white on your wedding day is actually more recent than I thought and apparently it does not symbolise “purity” as I was lead to believe. In 1840, queen Victoria of England wore white on her wedding day and since then people have been more prone to wearing white than any other colour. Before then, people did wear more rich colours and exclusive fabrics. In fact, in Scandinavia, they wore black on their wedding day, how curious. It does amaze me how traditions come about.

Additionally, I learnt that the colour of purity is actually considered to be blue, as you will see Virgin Mary in many depictions wearing a blue veil on her head. It could maybe even explain Ā one of the reasons for the tradition of blue in the rhyme “Something old, something new, Ā something borrowed, something blue and silver sixpence in her shoe.” šŸ™‚

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Today I got nominated (100happydays – Day 1)

I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! What an honour, please click hereĀ to see the blogger’s page who nominated me.

A big thank you to PurpleOrangeSite, I am so very honoured and flattered to be number 1 on your list of nominees. šŸ˜€ Great way to start my 100 day happiness challenge.

A part of being nominated, one of the rules are to say at least 7 facts about me, so here goes:

  1. I love naps, I would probably call it my most favourite hobby, if sleeping can be qualified as a hobby
  2. I am curious about the most random things, for example have you ever thought about why the chocolate company is called Godiva? Did you know that the name Godiva has history behind it? (please see below as I tell the story)
  3. I love cats, I feel one can never have enough cats. At the same time I feel the same way about dogs. I would like to have a farm one day with lots of animals.
  4. I am naturally like my father but due to being close to my mother I have moulded to be more like her
  5. I am a law graduate, working as a paralegal and hoping to find the right opportunity to qualify as an English Lawyer as academically I have passed my qualifications, I just need training (or do the nybar to become a US Attorney and then do the conversion exams to also be an English Solicitor)
  6. I love being by the beach, it’s the ultimate way for me to relax
  7. sometimes I like to sit… yes just that, just sit and do nothing but sit, with no tv on or phone near me but just sit.

Now for the story of Godiva. Legend has it, Lady Godiva was the wife of a landlord who was imposing an oppressive tax on his tenants. Lady Godiva took pity on the tenants and requested her husband countless times to reduce the tax. After various attempts and refusing his wife’s request countless times he says that he would do so only on the condition that she ride the streets of Coventry completely naked. She called him out on his word and rode the streets on a horse, her long red hair being her only cover on her body. Everyone in the town was instructed to remain indoors, close their doors and their windows as they were not allowed to see that she was riding naked. One, so called Tom had disobeyed this order and that his how the term “peeping Tom” came to be. The lord had lifted the heavy taxation and they all lived happily ever after (maybe, I actually don’t know if they did or not but hey at least they didn’t have to pay high taxes anymore).

If you look at the logo of Godiva chocolates, you will notice a lady on a horse with only her hair covering her. šŸ™‚

Featured photo: google image search

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“Excuse me, how can I leave?”Ā 

Often times I find myself in a situation where I just cannot find the exit to the place.

One time when Reem Island (in Abu Dhabi) was still kind of a ghost town as the roads were not 100% complete and there were some roadworks, a friend and I were just driving by to sit by the water there. We weren’t able to unfortunately because of some construction works. Then came the time for us to make other plans, it took as an hour to leave Reem Island, for the simple reason that the roads were blocked from everywhere. I could see the exit but kept going in circles due to the roads being closed off. I turn to my friend and say “Gosh, this is like hotel California, we can come here anytime we like but we can never leave!” The only way we were able to leave was by my getting out of my car and slightly moving one of the road blocks (thankfully no was there) so that I could be on the right road to exit the island. What an adventure.

When I moved to Dubai, from Abu Dhabi, almost a year ago now, my office had the most complicated parking structure. I was directed three times before I found the correct entrance to my allocated parking spot. Once the day was over, I got in my car and followed the signs to the exit, I come by some barriers and try to leave but my card doesn’t allow me the access. I see a guy who I assumed worked there and waved frantically, roll down my window and say “Excuse me, how can I leave?” The guy walks by and asks me where my parking was and then tells me I can’t leave from here. There’s a queue of cars behind me already, what an embarrassment, I start reversing and the people were nice enough to back up as well. The guy notices and comes by again “Miss, if you want I can help you find the exit”. I turn to him “Yes, I would appreciate that, thank you. Also may I suggest to make the signs towards the exit more clear, why did it have to be so complicated to leave, we should be allowed to exit from everywhere.” Poor guy, walks over to get into the passenger seat and apologises. Haha it’s quite funny, in hindsight.

I’ll spare you the details of my Ikea trips, I just do not understand why, sometimes, they make it so difficult to leave, I understand that it’s a marketing tactic, to see everything in case you want to buy something. I guess for me, I only buy what I thought out to and don’t like to waste time browsing so Ikea is my worst nightmare, I feel the day gets wasted.

Sometimes, it’s not a place I’m trying to get out of, it’s people I should let go of but that’s a lot more complicated. It shouldn’t be. It is what it is šŸ™‚

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We deserve a nap, always

As a kid I don’t remember if I ever neglected my naps but as an adult, I nap at the every opportunity.

I love naps and the mini dreams that are included in those naps (I dream a lot, literally and figuratively). Often times I have no control over it and nap without warning, I call that a “nap attack” a phrase I learnt from Garfield comic books.

When I started working, almost three years ago now, I dreaded meetings that were more than 15 minutes. The reason is simple, I knew that I would be bored at the meeting and when boredom kicks in, a nap is coming. On one of the instances, God bless my ex boss, we were having a team meeting and the whole legal team of the bank I was working for was in it. 15 minutes in (it’s always the 15 minute mark, I wish I was exaggerating) I can feel my head begin to bobble ever so slightly. I drank the water in front of me, started doodling and nothing worked. After the doodling became mere scribbles, my boss, who was sitting next to me, leans in and whispers “Would you like a coffee?” I immediately wake up, smile and say “desperately, though I’d prefer tea.” He gets up discreetly and goes to get the tea boy, the meeting was for 2.5 hours and he saved me from being a complete embarrassment.

Safe to say it has happened countless times but because my boss was aware of my “situation” he made sure we would have tea before our immediate team meetings (which only consisted of about 8 of us).

Having shared this story, I’ve just remembered that I have many stories such as these but I must go downstairs and have breakfast. I am famished and then maybe I’ll take a nap, it is a Saturday after all.

Happy weekend everyone! šŸ™‚

Featured photo: Found it in my phone, source: Internet.

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I love coincidences

I have mentioned this in another post but I guess this just emphasises my love for coincidences. I love moments where you think of a song and you turn on the radio and the song you were thinking of plays in that moment. It’s marvellous. I mention this because something similar happened to me today. A fellow blogger (please click hereĀ to know who I am referring to), shared a drawing of hers on Instagram and it was of a chameleon. The chameleon reminded me of pascal from the movie Tangled.

For the past week, I’ve been working late and I am not the sort of person that likes to watch movies on my own, no reason really. I would rather read a book or do something more productive with my time, like catching up on my sleep. This week, however, has been different. I get home late and rather than unwinding with a book, I’ve been watching a movie. Watched the Notebook on Monday (I can watch that movie a million times and never get bored of it) and yesterday watched Footloose, which was nice. Today as I finished my dinner and was flicking through my movie channels, I saw that Tangled was on! My first thought was “OmG law of attraction really does exist!” Which, of course is does, but it’s debatable and a topic for another day.

This movie is my most favourite adaptations of Repunzel. I love how the character is portrayed in the movie, the simplest things make her happy and I feel that I can really relate to her personality. She took a leap of faith, jumped out of her comfort zone to follow her dream of seeing the lights and she did! On the way she learnt and met wonderful people and bad ones too (but the bad balances out the good, arguably). I would highly recommend watching it.

Thank God for modern technology and being able to rewind live tv.Ā I pressed rewind and I shall now watch the movie. šŸ˜€

Featured image

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“I love living in London but I would like to buy a place in Dubai and spend a few months of the year out there” – Kevin Pietersen

Well, Kevin Pietersen, I can relate to that feeling, except I’m in the opposite situation. I love living in Dubai and having lived in London, it’s a goal/dream of mine to buy a house in London and spend a few months of the year there (probably christmas so I can see the christmas lights and the summer there to escape the Dubai heat). It’s funny how when the day started I was going to write about something completely different and then this quote randomly caught my eye. It was just too good to pass on.

I can talk endlessly about my time spent in London. The featured image shows just how many hidden gems it contains. When you look at the image you do not think of London, it’s possible that nothing about the image would really catch your eye. Space invader fans anyone?

Whilst making my way to Covent Garden, from Piccadilly Circus, I noticed the art on the wall. The symbol reminded me of a game I used to play when I was younger. As all millennials would do I googled it. For the record “googled” was added to the oxford dictionary on June 15 2006. That’s a proud moment for any company in my opinion, so bravo to Google :). Anyway I googled “space ship invaders London” and discovered that it was a pretty big thing, though low key. I say low key because I did not know about it until I saw it and made the effort to find out about it. Since I saw this (which was around 2014, at some point date tbc) there have been posts about this, which tell you exactly where to go to find it. For example a fellow blogger has been kind enough to share the locations. Please click here to see. Additionally since the power of google has expanded beyond just the dictionary, you can find the complete guide here. šŸ™‚

I found another photo in my archives, the one below, I stumbled across during one of my wandering walks in London.Ā 20140925_153524.jpg

In a way it’s an artist’s revolution. They don’t want their art to be confined in just museums and galleries, thus they are “invading” cities. I found this to be very curious and it makes me smile every time I find a new one as I walk around London.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I read this but apparently the mission was initially to have so many of these mosaic space invaders around the world that if you were to connect the dots on the map, it would show a large space invader. I think this mission may have changed as the project is much larger than it was a few years ago, when I first stumbled upon it. Random, hidden gems such as “Space Invaders” in London,Ā is what made me fall in love with City, it is filled with thought provoking wonders, which caters for everyone. šŸ™‚

If you would like to know everything there is to know about “Space Invaders in London”, please click here.

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Lack of inspiration (or maybe it was time)

I’ve had a long, busy and great day. Ā I would tell you about my day, but it wasn’t exciting and not worth sharing. It mostly involved work and got home around 11pm . Have to be up really early tomorrow, so I have to keep this brief.

I didn’t get a moment to think about what to write today, so I am leaving you with a drawing of mine. It depicts me (and possibly many of you) perfectly. I used to draw when I was younger and paint. I wasn’t very good but I loved it. It had been years since I drew something and the featured photo was inspired by my frazzled thoughts, which had to be released. Paper is a great outlet for emotions, I believe. Once I was done with the drawing, which was over a period of 3 or 4 days, I felt at peace.

Fire and Water, I guess in my mind it denotes balance, which now that I’ve written it down doesn’t make sense. I shall elaborate on this, in due course.

I’d love to hear your comments on my drawing :).

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Don’t give up,even if it takes 20 years…

When I was 5 years old, I had a magazine that had all the coolest barbies in it. The one featured in this post is the one I wanted the most. I told all my friends and cousins about this one and I couldn’t wait to go to the toy shop to get it.

The reason I wanted this one the most compared to all the other ones in that magazine is because this combined two of my favourite things, barbie and bubbles, what else can a 5 year old ask for? It was the dream.

I had an aunt visiting and my mom went shopping with her, while I stayed home and played with my cousin. I knew that they would be back with my barbie and I was so excited. When they arrived, they only had one, which was then given to my cousin as they were our guests and it was the only one left in the store. My cousin had showed her mom that she wanted the doll I did. My mom promised that she would go back and get it as soon as it was back in stock, but it never came back in stock. Safe to say I was heart broken but I thought that my cousin would allow me to play with her whilst they were still our guests, at least. She did not.

Time went on and as with all things I forgot about the doll and moved on.

Fast forward about 19 years, I shared this story with a random stranger, we became friends and one day he got me a gift. It was a mermaid barbie, he remembered the story and that it involved a barbie but didn’t remember the details of the actual barbie. I thought it was a really wonderful gesture and it reminded me that I still wanted “Bubble Angel Barbie”

A few months after that, I found it on Amazon and bought it. When I opened the amazon box, I grinned, ear to ear. It felt like such an achievement. Dreams really do come true.

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