“Excuse me, how can I leave?” 

Often times I find myself in a situation where I just cannot find the exit to the place.

One time when Reem Island (in Abu Dhabi) was still kind of a ghost town as the roads were not 100% complete and there were some roadworks, a friend and I were just driving by to sit by the water there. We weren’t able to unfortunately because of some construction works. Then came the time for us to make other plans, it took as an hour to leave Reem Island, for the simple reason that the roads were blocked from everywhere. I could see the exit but kept going in circles due to the roads being closed off. I turn to my friend and say “Gosh, this is like hotel California, we can come here anytime we like but we can never leave!” The only way we were able to leave was by my getting out of my car and slightly moving one of the road blocks (thankfully no was there) so that I could be on the right road to exit the island. What an adventure.

When I moved to Dubai, from Abu Dhabi, almost a year ago now, my office had the most complicated parking structure. I was directed three times before I found the correct entrance to my allocated parking spot. Once the day was over, I got in my car and followed the signs to the exit, I come by some barriers and try to leave but my card doesn’t allow me the access. I see a guy who I assumed worked there and waved frantically, roll down my window and say “Excuse me, how can I leave?” The guy walks by and asks me where my parking was and then tells me I can’t leave from here. There’s a queue of cars behind me already, what an embarrassment, I start reversing and the people were nice enough to back up as well. The guy notices and comes by again “Miss, if you want I can help you find the exit”. I turn to him “Yes, I would appreciate that, thank you. Also may I suggest to make the signs towards the exit more clear, why did it have to be so complicated to leave, we should be allowed to exit from everywhere.” Poor guy, walks over to get into the passenger seat and apologises. Haha it’s quite funny, in hindsight.

I’ll spare you the details of my Ikea trips, I just do not understand why, sometimes, they make it so difficult to leave, I understand that it’s a marketing tactic, to see everything in case you want to buy something. I guess for me, I only buy what I thought out to and don’t like to waste time browsing so Ikea is my worst nightmare, I feel the day gets wasted.

Sometimes, it’s not a place I’m trying to get out of, it’s people I should let go of but that’s a lot more complicated. It shouldn’t be. It is what it is 🙂

Selectively Curious©

One comment

  1. Quinn · January 24, 2017

    It is what it is!

    Also yes, Ikea is a maze. They do it on purpose. They want to trap you there forever until you have to live in one of their fake apartments and survive on swedish meatballs and mash.


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