Best waffles ever

I wanted to take a photo as soon as the plate came to my table but instead I indulged.

There’s a cafe in the building opposite the one I live in called Circle Cafe, I never noticed it much. Two weekends ago I went there to have breakfast, on the weekends they do all you can eat breakfast, very decently priced and it’s not a buffet but rather breakfast made as and when you order it.

It was crowded first time I went and because it was just me, I ended up sharing a table with another group of people. On the table I saw a lady order waffles and the way she ate it made my curiosity spike up so when I was done with having my plate of eggs and pancakes, I ordered the waffles. Best. Decision. Ever. I felt my eyes widen and pupils dilate as soon as I took the first bite. Since that day, I just can’t seem to get enough.

This weekend, I’ve been a little under the weather. At first I thought I had the Coronavirus (don’t you just despise the paranoia the media inflicts sometimes?) so cried a bit but then got over it and had the waffles for lunch and basically I’ve now had it for three consecutive days. #noregrets #noimnotobsessed.

These waffles are rich, decadent with the perfect combination of having a slight crunch when you bite it with a soft middle. It’s got caramelised bananas, caramel syrup, maple syrup with Greek yoghurt and pecans on top. YUM

They’re called Elvis Waffles, curious name. I know Elvis loved bananas, peanut butter and booze… this only contains one of the ingredients he loved. Not that I’m complaining, just a curious choice of name for it. However, just as I have phases when I’m hooked on Elvis music, currently I’m hooked on Elvis waffles.

Stay curious, my loves. Xx

Selectively Curious©️

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