Ford Thunderbird

Gosh, I love vintage cars. 

I saw the beauty in the featured image as I was on my way to get lunch. It caught my eye from across the street and I’ve spent all morning trying to figure out what car it is. 

Finally, after much research, I have uncovered it to be a Ford Thunderbird 1955 model. It felt like such an accomplishment, safe to say my efforts paid off. 

One of the reasons I really want to go to Cuba is because, from what I have seen, it feels as thought you’ve gone back in time to the 50s. It’s like the movie, back to the future and everything is “vintage” 

Here’s a photo of Havana I have found from the internet: 

Really beautiful isn’t it? One of my friends went not too long ago and loved it. I’m curious to see if I would be brave enough to go. I shall not be afraid. 

Selectively Curious©


  1. Quinn · March 15, 2017

    I would love to go to Cuba! I used to have a model of this car in pink and always thought it was great. My favourites are VW camper vans (the hippie buses) but this one is a close second! Very cool. Love the photo as well!

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    • Selectively Curious · March 15, 2017

      I loove the hippie vans! I would so decorate it with daisies. When I saw the car I could not contain my excitement, prettty much skipped to it and quickly took the photo. I had seen it around before but never got close enough to take a photo :). Glad you like it. If you happen to go to Cuba before I go, I would LOVE to hear everything you’ve got to share about the place. 🙂 xx

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