I love the beach

I love how it’s empty on a Saturday morning and I love the way the sand is slightly cool at this time of the year. 

Abu Dhabi has really good beaches and the one shown in the featured photo is the famous corchiche beach. I can’t believe it’s been 22 years since I first went to it. So much has changed and yet so much has remained the same. It’s nostalgic. The sand is smooth so it’s comfortable to walk on it since there are no pebbles or shells mildly stabbing you as you walk on it. The waves are calm and I love the slight swoosh noise they make as the water comes to touch the shore before retreating back into the sea. 

This is what Saturday mornings are for. To take a break from the troubles of life and just forget, even if momentarily the things that stress you out. The beach is my sanctuary in some ways, I feel refreshed as I sit there and sort out my thoughts. 

I have always been positive but I’m trying something new. I’m curious to see how this will pan out and effect my life. I have begun to practice gratitude since this morning as I believe it helps ground a person and makes one realise the the important things in life. Everything is temporary, best enjoy the present and as the title of Richard Carlson’s book: don’t sweat the small stuff, and its all small stuff. 

Selectively Curious©


  1. Paul Sunstone · March 13, 2017

    Hi SC!

    Good post! I wish we had a nice beach around here! We’ve got mountains, which are almost as nice, I think, but no beaches to really speak of.

    I love it that you’ve decided to start practicing gratitude! That’s such an important thing, and I believe it helps enormously. Please be sure to write about how it goes.

    Someone I met years ago on the internet, Isabella, writes about gratitude most Fridays on her blog. You can find her here, if you’re interested: https://isabellalecour.wordpress.com/

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    • Selectively Curious · March 13, 2017

      Thank you, Paul 😊. I will read her blog and share my progress too. Hope you’re well


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