I didn’t choose the desert life, the desert life chose me (100happydays-day18)

This whole 100happydays challenge is really restrictive. 

I remember now why I didn’t do it wholeheartedly the first time I attempted it. I am a happy person and I like to enjoy the moment without taking my phone out and taking a photo of the momemt. In my opinion that changes the moment to a new one and the feeling is no longer the same. Does that make sense? Also I don’t need to prove to myself that I’m happy. So starting tomorrow my blog posts will not have the 100happydays tag. 🙂

I think I’ll continue doing the challenge on Instagram instead so I can blog about things organically. I guess it’s going to be a trend of mine that I will blog everyday, except Fridays (because I go out with friends and comeback quite late and frankly I don’t want blogging to feel like homework) and probably twice on Saturdays. Just to give you some insight, our weekends are Friday and Saturday. 

I was born in the desert (figuratively and literally but not really literally), the desert being Dubai. In some ways no matter where I go I will always be tied to the desert. Oddly enough I have really good body temperature control. I don’t feel hot or cold easily. That’s just a random fact about me. 

I love how Dubai is a place where I feel everyone can fit in. There are people from all over the world, it’s truly cosmopolitan. Aside from that, which is great, one of the most amazing things about it is how accepting the nation is of other cultures and beliefs. The best thing though is how most of the best restaurants/cafes/food chains are available here. That’s utterly delightful. 🙂

Currently I am sitting on my roof while my cat plays with the dust. Let me show you her. 

I love how pets have such a great influence in our lives. 

Going back to the reason of this post, the featured photo is of when I went on a desert safari, in Dubai desert. I wouldn’t really call that “desert life” however as the sun began to set and the temperature got slightly cooler. It was so quiet. I love how the sand dunes shifted with the wind and it’s a great reminder that nothing lasts forever so enjoy the moment. 

Selectively Curious©


  1. Quinn · February 11, 2017

    Oh my God your cat is adorable and now I must see more of her. Lots more. Lots and lots more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Selectively Curious · February 11, 2017

      Hahah thank you. You’re so delightful. I love that you want to see more of her 😁


  2. Angela · February 11, 2017

    A few years ago I went to on a trip to the Grand Canyon and I remember while we were all snapping the marvel on our phones and cameras, just putting my phone down and enjoying this (probably) once in a lifetime moment. It was like a breath of fresh air, since then I don’t take as many pictures instead just enjoy the moment!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Selectively Curious · February 11, 2017

      I love that story. I feel sometimes we take the moment for granted and it’s important to stop and just live it as it happens. :). I’m glad you share the same perspective as me.

      Liked by 1 person

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