Scotland (100happydays – day 15)

Just got home from work, it’s been a wonderfully long day.Today’s post will be short but sweet (maybe?).

The featured photo is a photo I took when were on our way to Inveraray from Edinburgh and it’s one of my favourites. I love how there’s a lake in the photo and it almost looks valleyesque (yes, I’m aware that is not a word but it’s so perfect for the sentence so maybe one day the Oxford Dictionary will determine it to be a word). I love nature and I love being in nature, especially in England (mostly because it doesn’t have dangerous looking creepy crawlies). Looking at this photo is nostalgic and takes me back to when I was there. I can almost feel the cold air as I inhale. I do miss it.

Here are a couple of photos of Inveraray:


Oh I’m slightly confused now, my snapchat comment appears to be wrong I think (oops). Oh after double checking, it’s correct (false alarm!). I may be dyslexic, the spelling in the photo is actually wrong (triple checked, third time’s the charm, so many/too many r’s).

Sadly, the castle was closed, but look how beautiful it is 😀


Scotland always reminds me of the movie “Brave Heart” which of course it should because William Wallace was Scottish. Random fact as the tour guide told us, William Wallace was actually a lowlander rather than a highlander. On the way to Inveraray  the tour guide did point out all the famous landmarks in relation to William Wallace and I thought that was quite cool.

It’s a shame my trip was quite short there and due to the weather we had to make it shorter (my friend was pregnant too) and a lot of the attractions were closed too as a result. On the bright side it gives me an excuse to go back. 🙂

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