Make the most of it (100happydays -day11)

I saw this sign on the car as I was walking towards my car. It made me smile.

I like the emphasis on life, the sign doesn’t say “Enjoy life” or even “Enjoy your life” which is a more usual sentence in this context. It says “the life” because we’ve all only got the one. Food for thought?

It’s funny how people say life is short when the reality of it is that the act of living your life will be the longest thing you will ever do. I’m sure many of you have been curious about what your purpose is in life. I cannot say for certain but I think mine is to be there for people who need it most. I’m naturally a giver and it gives me joy to spread joy. I guess with time, the purpose will reveal itself. Until then I will explore all options and see how I can make the best use of my time in this world.

Hasta Mañana (aka see yo tomorrow) 🙂



Selectively Curious©

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