Wakeboarding (100happydays – day7)

It’s not easy.

I would not describe myself as an athletic person, far from it actually. I do like to try new things and in some ways check it off “my list”. I can honestly say that wakeboarding wasn’t on my list but I’m glad I’ve tried it a few times and that it is not me in the photo (I’m sure you know that already) but rather I took the photo of my friend, who is pretty good. I’ve used this photo as a happy moment because my friends pushed me to try something I was otherwise too afraid to try.

I’m not afraid of the water and even though I am not a strong swimmer, I love swimming. I wish I had more time and I wish I wasn’t as lazy so I could swim more often. I’m going to make my own wish come true. Anyway this photo made me realise that even though I may not be good at the sport, I am pretty good at taking sports/action shots. The featured photo is an action shot I took as he did a 360 turn. I have clearer photos but I chose this one on purpose because I thought it looked really cool. I love photography and how the camera captures moments that we may sometimes miss.

If anything, this is a reminder for me to get back on that horse (I guess board in this case) and try again. I have fallen into the water every time I’ve tried to stay on. Your body does get used to the pull of the cable but by the time my body was getting used it, I was exhausted. The anxiety is pretty intense too. Beginners, such as myself, are told to sit on the platform and slip our feet into the board, which is placed in the water. Once you’re ready, the guy (life guard I guess) gives you like a 5 second warning that the cable you’re holding on to which will be pulling you, is next, so that you may brace yourself (quite literally). This is what not to do:

  1. Don’t  just focus on holding on to the cable for dear life as this will just pull you away from the platform at which feels like the speed of light and you will be slammed into the water which feels like a cement floor (of course I exaggerate but not that much.)

Instead, try doing this (as I was instructed, but I didn’t listen or learn) lock your elbows to your sides and bend your knees, this is meant to pull you on top of the board rather than just pull you off the floor and make you fly (which is terrifying and not as fun as you might think, I felt my arms would come off so I had to let go… and letting go is scary).

I was going to continue the list of what not to do, but that pretty much covers it, in relation to my experience. I only went 4 times and on the 4th time I did manage to stay on the board, gliding for probably the longest 3 seconds of my life, it was marvellous and then I lost my balance and fell into the water . The sense of achievement I felt when I was in those 3 seconds is completely priceless.

I will go back, soon and one day post a photo of myself, posing with one hand as I glide smoothly across the water. Until then, I may continue sharing my sports photography :).

Selectively Curious©


  1. Austin Krehbiel · January 31, 2017

    I have never been but it looks and sounds challenging!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Quinn · January 31, 2017

    This made me laugh so hard! I’ve never done this but I have no doubt I would faceplant within the first five seconds. Just…. PAF! Straight down, face first. I am not athletically gifted. Brave of you to try it (four times)!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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