Family is such a wonderful thing and if you come from a close knit family as my own you can either take it for granted or cherish it (or both, as I do).

This post is about cousins, because today randomly as I was on the phone to a friend of mine going through a break up, my mobile was being lit up like new years fireworks and when I hung up and checked my phone, I had 40 messages from two (yes just two) of my cousins. One 8 years older than me and the other 8 years younger. That’s quite an odd coincidence now that I’ve written it down.

The 8 years older says how wonderful it was to see me and she was slightly concerned about me as I didnt look like my happy self, she felt that I seemed down (which I was because it was a Saturday and I wanted to sleep in and they showed up at the break of dawn (I exaggerate). I told her I cut my hair really short in a moment of madness (in my defence, I am very happy with the way it looks) and she was shocked at how much I chopped off (my hair was till my hips and now it’s barely grazing the bottom of my ear). It had been a while since she visited so she hadn’t seen me with my long hair or hair this short since I was a child. I mention my hair because in her messages today she mentioned my hair again and how she’s considering cutting it that short too and how upset she is about life in general and how she needs a change. To which I respond “Do it, just go and do whatever the heck you want and don’t hold back”. She laughs and says “I’m a single mother, it’s not that easy” and I say “Ok, so you have to be a little bit more responsible but that shouldnt stop you from living your life”. She pauses (in other words, types then erases, types some more and the typing seems to be never ending) and responds “hmmm…let’s go on a break together, I can leave my son with his dad (she’s divorced and shares custody with her ex husband) and we can just go and chill out somewhere and figure stuff out, I don’t know about you but I really need it” The conversation went on for sometime and sadly it didnt have a fruitful outcome because our schedules do not sync up enough for us to travel to a location to get the peace we are longing for.

As for the the cousin 8 years younger. He just started law at university (my major) and has a question about common law vs civil law and it’s been a while since I read up on constitution law, blew the dust off of my books to help him with his assignment. It made me realise how much I love law, I love that I studied and chose that to be my profession, I love learning about it, reading it and analysing it.

Life really does make me so curious, they’re also on completely other sides of the world and wow I miss them both.

On that note, I should probably sleep. Law firms and unrealistic deadlines…haha it’s actually not that bad, thankfully. 🙂

P.S: I didn’t have time to think of a photo for this post.

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