Swirly Clouds and Violet Haze

It is my new year’s resolution to write a piece everyday, since practice makes perfect and I love to write. I was not sure what to write about today so I turned to google for inspiration and discovered this idea: “Put your iPod/Spotify on shuffle, grab the lyric that appears 1:35 into the song, and write from there” I didn’t follow this exactly, I’ve had Josh Groban’s song “Vincent” (originally sung by Don Mclean) stuck in my mind for sometime so I played it and at 1:35 he sings the title of this post. Really paints an image, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t love swirly clouds and violet haze?

Vincent’s Starry Night painting, truly is a masterpiece, he was a great artist and it’s a shame that great artists are only recognised for their work after they have left this world filled with swirly clouds and violet haze, trees and daffodils. It’s such a curious thing, the way artists are not recognised, makes me wonder if back in the day social media would have made them famous faster? I understand why an artist’s popularity increases when they have died, since everyone is beautifully unique and no one can replicate another’s talents 100%. Vincent’s story makes me sad, I was not aware until today that he painted Starry Night from an asylum window, really shows you his perspective of how he viewed the world and how beautiful his perspective was.

This reminds me of a line from John Green’s novel “The Fault in our stars” when Gus says that he fears oblivion. Mostly because if one of Vincent Van Gough’s fears were oblivion, I would go back in time and tell him, have no fear because you will always be remembered…:)

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