We deserve a nap, always

As a kid I don’t remember if I ever neglected my naps but as an adult, I nap at the every opportunity.

I love naps and the mini dreams that are included in those naps (I dream a lot, literally and figuratively). Often times I have no control over it and nap without warning, I call that a “nap attack” a phrase I learnt from Garfield comic books.

When I started working, almost three years ago now, I dreaded meetings that were more than 15 minutes. The reason is simple, I knew that I would be bored at the meeting and when boredom kicks in, a nap is coming. On one of the instances, God bless my ex boss, we were having a team meeting and the whole legal team of the bank I was working for was in it. 15 minutes in (it’s always the 15 minute mark, I wish I was exaggerating) I can feel my head begin to bobble ever so slightly. I drank the water in front of me, started doodling and nothing worked. After the doodling became mere scribbles, my boss, who was sitting next to me, leans in and whispers “Would you like a coffee?” I immediately wake up, smile and say “desperately, though I’d prefer tea.” He gets up discreetly and goes to get the tea boy, the meeting was for 2.5 hours and he saved me from being a complete embarrassment.

Safe to say it has happened countless times but because my boss was aware of my “situation” he made sure we would have tea before our immediate team meetings (which only consisted of about 8 of us).

Having shared this story, I’ve just remembered that I have many stories such as these but I must go downstairs and have breakfast. I am famished and then maybe I’ll take a nap, it is a Saturday after all.

Happy weekend everyone! 🙂

Featured photo: Found it in my phone, source: Internet.

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