I think I will re-read a book

I always thought/wondered why people would read a book more than one or even watch a movie more than once. Maybe it’s the comfort in knowing what will happen next, which is seldom what we can say about our lives. I feel there are so many books (or movies if you don’t read much) that you can read (or watch) and time is finite, so why re-read?

Well, maybe it’s something that many will say as I know it’s a book that many have read, one of my most favourite books is The Alchemist. I read it a very long time ago and it resonated with me, not to mention there was a character in the book that had my name: Fatima. The reason why I want to read it again is because I feel it’s enlightening. I’m stuck in a bit of a rut and reading something that will inspire me is just what I need. The book is about pursuing your dreams and it’s a delightful read, that fits my personality perfectly. It’s got adventure, dreams, positivity and even the desert. It was meant to be written for me! (Just kidding, I do tend to get carried away and even borderline narcissistic at times).

Featured image represents the promise that I will make to myself to do what I can to be inspired again.

Nowadays I lack inspiration, which is why I haven’t posted something in a while. I’ve caught the lazy bug too and I just don’t feel like doing anything but watching Frasier and sleeping. It’s quite a vicious cycle and I just feel tired all the time. I read an interesting article before I started writing this post, which you can read here but I can’t say I agreed with it. I’m not a negative person and if I want something, I keep trying until I get what I want (Please click here for an example). I am persistent, even though in my persistence I get lazy as I tend to also get bored easily. Sometimes even when you’ve tried your best things don’t go the way you want them to and it’s frustrating so I don’t agree with the article because it’s a little unfair to many of us who do try. Having said that, I agree with certain aspects of it, for instance even if you have faced a challenge which you are still trying to overcome, regardless of how many times you may “fail” I think it’s important to keep trying. Until when? Well I think it’s until you’ve made peace with the fact that maybe it’s just not meant to be or until you’ve found something better and it just magically worked out, easily.

As cliche as it may sound, the only true failure, in my opinion and the opinion of many others, is giving up.

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40 light years away


To infinite and beyond?

Nasa has found a new solar system which is only 4o lightyears away from us. How far is 40 light years away? After much reading, I think one light year is 5.88 trillion miles away. This begs the question, how is 40 lightyears away considered only? I understand that this discovery is astronomical, but really I do fail understand what all the fuss is about.

Here are a few questions that pop into my mind:

  1. Are we looking for another planet to live on?
  2. who would actually risk moving out of our atmosphere to explore a completely alien planet, which has no guaranteed oxygen levels
  3. even if life is discovered on those planets, how do we know we will be able to communicate with us, ok before I continue, this just just feels like pandora’s box.

Can we even travel 40 light years away? the simple answer to this is, before I get into the maths is that we do not have the technology to go fast enough to reach there. Apparently it will take 700,000 years to get there with our current technology. The fastest moving vehicle (if you can call it that) which is in the works to be built is called the Solar Probe plus and that will travel at a speed of 724,000km/hr and with that it will take approximately 57 years to reach the sun, which is only 0.00001581 light years away. Wow, so by that math, I can understand the excitement felt by finding 7 earth sized planets however I cannot relate to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being cynical, it is a huge discovery and I have often laid awake in bed wondering if there is a parallel world out there, which a girl just like me, maybe doing the exact thing as I am write now, writing in her blog as I am. The possibilities of what is out here is actually endless and as far as I can remember, I’ve always believed that there are other beings  and it didn’t seem realistic for us to be the only ones in this vast endless universe.

In the words of Mulder (from the X-files) “the truth is out there”


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Some websites I always turn to, for inspiration 

Feautured image is fromThought catalog 

Thought catalog is a great platform for, well thoughts but more than that it’s got some excellent articles by some great writers on a variety of topics. 

I agree with the quote stated in the feautured image. We do all have a story in us because we have all lived and “living” is different for everyone. I think everyone leads an interesting life, everyone has highs and lows. The way we overcome to lows and embrace the highs, that’s what defines some part of us. I believe everyone has layers and it’s a true privilege if someone unfolds their layers to let someone in and show their vulnerabilities. Humans…we really are such complex creatures. 

I read something the other day which I thought was hilarious, which I would like to share with you: 

I mean no offence to those that are struggling with depression but I could relate to this and thought the humour was really funny. Proves what I was saying, we are really complex. 

Going back to the quote in the feautured photo, I am often told that I write as I talk. One of my friends said to me when I told her about my blog “Even if you didn’t tell me it was yours , I’d know it’s you. I can hear your voice in every word I read”. Haha she’s great. 🙂 

It makes me curious and question though, if you don’t write the way you talk then how can you write? Surely, the way you write has something to do with the way you think which in turn correlates with the way you talk. So, by that logic if you’re wrighting varies from the way you talk then does the way you think not relate to the way you think? Wow, ok I’ve just given myself a headache. It surprises me because people are surprised when they read what I write and I’m not sure why. I think I need to meet an actual writer and then read their writing to understand this “merry go round” concept. 

Right, so when I’m bored and not watching tv and not whatsapping (as we do) these are the websites I like to visit:

  1. Thought catalog
  2. Tiny buddha (helps you to be zen about everyday matters) 
  3. Huffingtonpost (for pretty much everything)
  4. National geographic travel (to figure out travel itineraries for a destination I am going to)
  5. Condenast travel 
  6. Bustle
  7. The Economist (just to keep up to date with the industries my line of work is involved in). 

I think that covers it. I feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to read. Oh well, I’ve been waiting in a queue as I was writing this post and I’m next (yay). 

Happy reading everyone and have a lovely day. :). 

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