List of things I wonder about (100happydays – Day 12)

Hi all, so I started this blog and I just wanted to talk about what inspired me. 

I’ve been wanting to have a medium to sort my thoughts for while so last year on the 31st of December I decided to create one. The title of my blog was inspired by my cats and my personality trait of being curious. I can safely say that I am curious about everything but I guess everything is an exaggeration because it’s impossible to be curious about everything, hence I am selectively curious.

The following is a list of things I was curious about today:

  • A friend of mine was having some trouble with a guy she is interested in. They’ve already established that they like each other but it doesn’t seem to be going in any direction. I’m curious about what he’s thinking, his behaviour is odd and I’m curious if it’s all just a game to him. Most of all, I’m curious about how it will work out.
  • I’m curious about why places of worship always seem to have the best architecture. In some ways it almost appears to be some sort of propaganda to lure people into a religion. Don’t get me wrong, I have an endless amount of love for good architecture and maybe it’s just coincidence that such places are always beautiful.
  • I strongly believe in “what goes around comes around” and it makes me curious, what if you didn’t go around so you don’t come around? In other words, what if you only do good but you get bad things come your way. Feels like the balance of the universe is flawed and that’s thought provoking
  • I was curious about why some people were a part of my life briefly. There are certain people I was close to and we are no longer on speaking terms. It’s weird when that happens. They say that everything is a learning experience but what if there was no lesson to be learnt, then what’s the point? Pondered on this for sometime, trying to figure out if it’s worth it to reach out to those people and ask how things were, or if it’s better to let thing lay as they are
  • I watched “say yes to the dress” and I was curious about what type of dress I would decide on and


  •  I read somewhere that you can be a millionaire in 27 days if you start with $0.01 and double that amount daily. I did the math and I was surprised by the accuracy of the outcome. 🙂

(Featured photo: Google)

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