A Flock of Crows is known as a “Murder”

Crows always reminds me of the horror story “Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock, so naturally I am a little terrified of crows after I watched that movie. (Although, I think in his movie they were ravens and not crows?). I do not understand why they insist on almost flying into my head as I would stroll down regents park, I’d duck all kinds of ways and once even got laughed at (which then I laughed since laughs are contagious), since I was such a funny sight. One time, I won’t forget was when a random guy walks by as I duck and he says “Woah, Matrix!” That was hilarious.

The reason why this random fact caught my eye today is because it made me think of the story of Abel and Cain and how when Cain murdered Abel he did not know what to do with the body. Apparently at the time, a crow happened to be burying its dead (crows bury their dead) and that how Cain got the idea to bury the body. It would maybe explain the tradition many of us follow to this day. We bury the dead.

Featured image: from national geographic

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