I love coincidences

I have mentioned this in another post but I guess this just emphasises my love for coincidences. I love moments where you think of a song and you turn on the radio and the song you were thinking of plays in that moment. It’s marvellous. I mention this because something similar happened to me today. A fellow blogger (please click here to know who I am referring to), shared a drawing of hers on Instagram and it was of a chameleon. The chameleon reminded me of pascal from the movie Tangled.

For the past week, I’ve been working late and I am not the sort of person that likes to watch movies on my own, no reason really. I would rather read a book or do something more productive with my time, like catching up on my sleep. This week, however, has been different. I get home late and rather than unwinding with a book, I’ve been watching a movie. Watched the Notebook on Monday (I can watch that movie a million times and never get bored of it) and yesterday watched Footloose, which was nice. Today as I finished my dinner and was flicking through my movie channels, I saw that Tangled was on! My first thought was “OmG law of attraction really does exist!” Which, of course is does, but it’s debatable and a topic for another day.

This movie is my most favourite adaptations of Repunzel. I love how the character is portrayed in the movie, the simplest things make her happy and I feel that I can really relate to her personality. She took a leap of faith, jumped out of her comfort zone to follow her dream of seeing the lights and she did! On the way she learnt and met wonderful people and bad ones too (but the bad balances out the good, arguably). I would highly recommend watching it.

Thank God for modern technology and being able to rewind live tv. I pressed rewind and I shall now watch the movie. 😀

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Just for the record this post has been inspired by La La Land, if you haven’t watched it and even if musicals aren’t your thing I would highly recommend checking it out. It’s got a beautiful message and I won’t dwell on the nitty gritty of the story line but it made me remember how much I love coincidences…or the Latin pronunciation of the word… coinkidink (lol).

When I was younger I strongly believed that there is no such thing as a coincidence and that everything always happens for a reason because everything is connected in one way or another. It is my most favourite type of circumstance and whether it’s a surprise or shock or annoyance I love the rush of emotions one feels in a circumstance of a coincidence. Being a bit older I now believe that a coincidence is just a coincidence and it doesn’t mean anything. Funny how views change.

After I was done with the movie (which I watched today, well yesterday since it is past midnight here) I was telling my friend how much I loved the concept it showed and how coincidences are just the best. We went to dinner and lo and behold on the table not far from us I see a group of people I have been aquatinted with in the past, however my friend who introduced me to this group of people wasn’t there so I didn’t go up and greet them. I was shy and a little afraid that maybe they don’t remember me and I didn’t want to go through the embarrassment.

Almost being done with dinner my friend actually shows up and so I go up to say hi (it would just be plain rude if I didn’t and also because she is a really good friend of mine). I tapped her on her arm as she was hugging someone hello and when she turns to me her eyes widen and she gives me the biggest hug and literally lifts me off my feet! I’ve never experienced such happiness to see me. The surprise on her face was priceless and just incredible.

Friends are such a pure form of blessings and tonight made me realise that maybe everything really does happen for a reason and it’s not just coincidence. In this specific situation, I guess the truth will reveal itself in time as it always does. Maybe, just maybe I’ll start believing in fate again and how everything may truly be connected, the way I used to when I was younger.

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