Shrimps are logical.

I read a random fact today, the kind of fact that doesn’t really add any value to your life, unless you’re a marine biologist. A shrimp’s heart is inside of its head. I found that to be very curious and thought provoking. Oh to be a shrimp, imagine all the mistakes they can avoid because following their heart is using their head, so in their world, logic and passion is probably one in the same.

It makes me wonder how humans would react if we were programmed the same way, the world would be free of chaos and would be filled with utmost peace, almost robot like. I guess, since human beings have a tendency to get bored so easily by every little thing, it’s good that our hearts are not in our heads. As wonderful as it would be to be in a world full of peace and harmony, it would be emotionless and we might as well be rocks or well shrimps for that matter.

It also makes me wonder if the concept of you are what you eat would apply here, in that case I’m curious to test out maybe even by a survey, how logical a person is in relation to the amount of shrimps s/he consumes.  Of course this is just speculation, random thoughts without much logic. For the record, I am somewhat allergic to shrimp so I don’t eat it (not often), it may even explain why I act irrationally at times…food for thought?

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Twenty Sixteen

This year started with my brother waking me up at 00:00 (I fell asleep around 11pm on 31st December 2015) and saying Happy New Year Fatima as I lay there in a haze between sleep and pretending to be awake, I blinked a few times and remembered that we were watching the Christmas special episode of Sherlock so I asked Saad, “what did I miss?”

Funny way to start a new year and if I look back, there is much I will miss about 2016 and as it comes to a close I thought to quickly jot down a few monumental moments of the year. It has been a challenging year, to say the least however it is in my DNA to spin every challenge into something positive (alhamdulillah).

This is the year I became independent, completely living on my own with no help. 3rd March 2016, I signed the papers for my own (rented) apartment and I moved in within the next couple of weeks. It’s a small studio, in Bay Square and it’s the best. It’s the year I travelled on my own and went to foreign places and felt completely confident to explore solo. It’s not a big bad world as we are led to believe, it’s actually a wonderful world filled with so much beauty, it’s good to be cautious but I will not be afraid anymore. It’s the year I decided to take control of my life, in a strategic way by freeing myself from toxic energy (aka people who do not have a place in my life anymore). So in hindsight, I’d like to take back my previous statement, it’s been a great year.

I travelled to Budapest and I explored by walking everywhere, it was the first time I realised that I can be completely by myself in a new place, be content, confident and enjoy myself. Travelled to Prague with my cousin and we stayed in old town square and it was magnificent. Also went to Berlin and walked everywhere. Went to Hamburg for a work event and loved every moment of it. 2016 is when my adventure called life truly began, everything before this year has been a prologue. I’ve become better at spotting assholes and walking away without trying to make it work. I’ve stopped putting my energy into helping someone who doesn’t want to be helped. Lastly I’ve learnt to walk away from a lost cause, no matter how much I may not want to.

It’s been a year where many of my friends dear to me got married/engaged. My best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, who is pure joy to be around. Sure it’s been a heck of an emotional year (hence me calling it challenging) and as I live, I learn that without the bitter, the sweet ain’t so sweet. Being grateful is crucial, everyone is going through crap everyday and joy really does stem from the simplest things.

That sums up the year, completed this year by being in London for most of December, which made me realise that I need to move back as soon as possible.

2016… you’ve been great. InshaAllah 2017 will be magnificent in the best of ways because it just will. 🙂

Below are just a select few photographs of my year.

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