I think I will re-read a book

I always thought/wondered why people would read a book more than one or even watch a movie more than once. Maybe it’s the comfort in knowing what will happen next, which is seldom what we can say about our lives. I feel there are so many books (or movies if you don’t read much) that you can read (or watch) and time is finite, so why re-read?

Well, maybe it’s something that many will say as I know it’s a book that many have read, one of my most favourite books is The Alchemist. I read it a very long time ago and it resonated with me, not to mention there was a character in the book that had my name: Fatima. The reason why I want to read it again is because I feel it’s enlightening. I’m stuck in a bit of a rut and reading something that will inspire me is just what I need. The book is about pursuing your dreams and it’s a delightful read, that fits my personality perfectly. It’s got adventure, dreams, positivity and even the desert. It was meant to be written for me! (Just kidding, I do tend to get carried away and even borderline narcissistic at times).

Featured image represents the promise that I will make to myself to do what I can to be inspired again.

Nowadays I lack inspiration, which is why I haven’t posted something in a while. I’ve caught the lazy bug too and I just don’t feel like doing anything but watching Frasier and sleeping. It’s quite a vicious cycle and I just feel tired all the time. I read an interesting article before I started writing this post, which you can read here but I can’t say I agreed with it. I’m not a negative person and if I want something, I keep trying until I get what I want (Please click here for an example). I am persistent, even though in my persistence I get lazy as I tend to also get bored easily. Sometimes even when you’ve tried your best things don’t go the way you want them to and it’s frustrating so I don’t agree with the article because it’s a little unfair to many of us who do try. Having said that, I agree with certain aspects of it, for instance even if you have faced a challenge which you are still trying to overcome, regardless of how many times you may “fail” I think it’s important to keep trying. Until when? Well I think it’s until you’ve made peace with the fact that maybe it’s just not meant to be or until you’ve found something better and it just magically worked out, easily.

As cliche as it may sound, the only true failure, in my opinion and the opinion of many others, is giving up.

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5 thoughts on “I think I will re-read a book”

  1. The Alchemist is a beautiful book, definitely worth re-reading! For me, I enjoy re-reading books that hold some sort of value for me. For example, re-reading His Dark Materials pulls me right back to childhood, when my stuffed bear was called Iorek and I wanted to be as brave as Lyra and have a Pantalaimon of my own.

    I’ll also rewatch movies that I have a special attachment to because I know they will make me feel a certain way. Like, I know When Harry Met Sally will cheer me up and make me feel the same way every single time, so if I’m having downtime and feeling a bit blue it’s not a bad idea.

    I had a terrible experience once trying to wind down and relax with a movie I hadn’t seen… Decided my best bet was an uncomplicated, happy children’s movie… Picked Bridge to Terabithia… CRIED MY EYES OUT!

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    1. Ohh i think i will read His Dark Materials. Rewatching movies really has a sort of comfort. I’ve watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s countless times. I really did like bridge to Terabithia but one must really be in the mood for it. It’s so intense isn’t it?

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