Just for the record, law of attraction does work

Yesterday was an interesting day.

Let me backtrack, maybe about a week ago, I saw a post on Instagram, sort of like a competition where we were supposed to use a hashtag explaining what sharing meant to us. The winner had the privilege to have dinner hosted by Khalid Al Amiri at TGI Fridays. I’ve read his columns in the National (newspaper in the UAE) and I really like the way he writes. Instantly I was a fan. I heard about him maybe 2 months ago and I found him to be very inspirational, so I followed him on Instagram, which is how I found out about the competition.To those who follow me on Instagram, I tagged my Stonehenge photo (which I have used as the featured photo of this post), then realised I can’t caption the photo and say something about “sharing”, so I deleted the tag as it was irrelevant. However, for some reason, it would still show under the images of that hashtag, I almost deleted the photo (I have a slight ocd about random things) as I didn’t want it appearing on the list as it had no relevance to the competition. I tagged another photo instead.

Following on from my previous post when I said that I would focus better. That night, I sat down and thought about what I really want in the most focused way. One of the things I said was “I want to be a renowned writer and be an inspiration to help people be the best they can be” After I was done focusing on the things I want, I watched an episode of Frasier and got ready for bed. I checked my Instagram, as one does before sleeping and saw that I had a message under my Stonehenge photo by TGI Fridays, asking to follow them on Instagram so they can send me a direct message. I did just that and in the direct message they informed me that I was one of the few that got chosen to be a part of the dinner that was being hosted.

I have never won anything I’ve wanted to win before and I suppose it’s one of those things that if it’s meant to be, then even if you’ve done everything to change the course it will still happen. In this case, I find it surprising that I spent three days trying to figure out how to remove the tag from the Stonehenge photo, since deleting the tag didn’t help, without any success and it got picked!

Yesterday was the dinner and I loved it. It felt like such an honour to be a part of it and I met wonderful people. Khalid Al Amiri has a brilliantly positive presence that’s contagious.

In conclusion, law of attraction does work, slightly in mysterious ways, all you have to do is focus. In my case, it was meeting a writer who has been an inspiration since I heard about him, not long ago.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 🙂

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